Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all of your frequently asked questions about riding electric bikes, ebikes, in Las Vegas!

Best Electric Bikes

Yes! If you love riding a bike but wish it was a little easier and a little faster, electric bikes are definitely worth it. They are also a great option to view and tour the city.

The best electric bikes come from Boom! Moto. Vegas eBike Rentals has Retro, Bomber , and Fat ebikes that great for any skill level.

A popular electric bike for seniors is our Retro or Fat electric bike, which are self-powered like our other ebikes. Seniors will enjoy the ease of any electric scooter as well with speeds up to 30mph.

Las Vegas Laws about eBikes

Yes, Las Vegas has ebikes in many different styles and speeds. Vegas eBike Rentals offer bikes you can buy or rent for varying times.

Ebikes are not allowed on the Strip sidewalks. As dictated by Las Vegas municipal law, you are prohibited from riding a bicycle or electric bike on the sidewalk within the city limits. This includes the Las Vegas Strip.

Within the Las Vegas city limits, you cannot ride an electric bike or regular bicycle on sidewalks.

You must be 14 to 16 years old to ride an electric bike or scooter.

Within city limits, no, you cannot ride a bike or electric bike on the sidewalk in Nevada. You can ride on most trails unless otherwise specified.

Off-road Riding

Yes, as long as the electric bike has a motor of 750 watts or less.

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